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Improve corporate culture through the arts 

Work with ANI to provide your employees with unique benefits aimed at improving wellness, engagement, and connectivity through inclusive cultural spaces

Reach workforce wellness through art and culture

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76% of visitors attend museums and cultural institutions to “feel less stressed”

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69% of visitors attend museums and cultural institutions to feel inspired.

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81% of visitors attend museums and cultural institutions to have fun

Your company's ROI from investing in ANI

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Attract & retain talent with unique benefits

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Increase productivity via enhanced creativity


Save time & money with built-in engagement

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Promote employer brand via cultural connectivity

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ANI’s Benefits Reflect Employee Priorities

In a world where ~70% of employees believe non-compensation benefits are just as important as health care coverage, indicating that a wider array of benefits increases loyalty to employers, we know ANI's unique cultural access benefits will be a great addition to your employee package.

We’re Optimized For Ease

Joining ANI requires no backend or systems integrations, and we work with your HR/Benefits teams to continuously socialize and engage your employees to drive awareness and usage.

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Support your employees' exposure to the top cultural institutions in the city.

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