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Delight Your Employees With Cultural Experiences That Keep Teams Connected & Engaged

ANI is an employee benefits platform that provides cultural experience access designed to improve workforce community, engagement, and wellness and build bridges between business communities and the arts.

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ANI  Services

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Enhance workforce wellness and engagement by improving your teams' positivity, mindfulness, creativity, and interconnectedness through inclusive cultural spaces

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Access your area's best museums and cultural institutions with colleagues, friends, and family to improve your wellness and local connectivity 

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Cultural Institutions

Increase and diversify visitorship with local professionals and drive revenues while finding less expensive and more direct ways to engage a new audience

Invest in your team’s cultural exposure & wellness

ANI's unique cultural access benefits not only enable your employees to live more holistic lives but also enhance your company's attractiveness, differentiation, and employer brand.

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of visitors attend cultural institutions to feel less stressed



of visitors seek cultural experience to feel more inspired and boost creativity

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of visitors participate in the cultural sector to have fun and enjoy life

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Attract & retain talent with unique benefits

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Increase productivity via enhanced creativity

Promote employer brand via cultural connectivity

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Use Cultural Experiences for Inclusive Team Building and Engagement

Reward and recognize performance with ANI’s cultural experiences by adding funds or tickets to team accounts. Plan group outings through your city’s cultural institutions and experiences via ANI’s administrative tools and save time and money.

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Featured Experiences

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New York Botanical Garden

ANI  enhances corporate culture and wellness through inclusive and unique cultural experiences.

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