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“Our Mission at ANI is to increase engagement between professional communities and cultural institutions to enhance collective employee wellness while promoting support of the arts over the long term”

Our Values

Our core values create an environment that allows us to work with integrity and achieve results in the right way. 


Work Hard

As a team, we work together to expand wellness access and connectivity to the arts.

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Support Our Partners

We believe in working together and providing our partners excellent support and growth opportunities.

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Make Life Better

We make decisions that allow our members to have better and more holistic lives.

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Respect & Inclusivity

Respect is not an option-it is a way of life. We strive to collaborate across all backgrounds to build a strong ecosystem. 

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Meet the Founder

Emeka started ANI to promote the arts' wellness-enhancing properties and connect cultural institutions with companies and employees lacking traditional relationships within the arts. He is determined to expand arts access to more employees to promote genuine engagement with and support of the arts over the long term. Emeka has experience in strategy development and execution, operations optimization, technology, finance, and education from working at Teach For America, KIPP, Deloitte, and Google.

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Emeka Kanu

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